Manhattan, KS  |  August 2013 - Present
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Graduation Date: May 2018  |  GPA: 3.54

October 2015 - December 2016
Nanodegree in Full Stack Web Development
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Work Experience

Undergraduate Researcher
Manhattan, KS  |  January 2017 - Present

Overview: Working with the iPlant Collaborative to share biological data for high-throughput phenotyping. Using Django, I'm creating a wiki-style web server where users can share their own projects and algorithms.

Challenge: Once again, this research project is very open ended so I'm learning how to effectively specify requirements so that I can produce what our stakeholders actually want.

What I'm Learning: How to ask my client the right questions so I can produce the best product.

Software Engineer Intern
Austin, TX  |  May 2017 - August 2017

Overview: I worked on a team of interns to develop a tool that introduces new users to the key features of the modules within Business Center, a product that allows users to manage and configure payment processing services. I was heavily involved in the discovery phase, deciding the direction of the project. Then I created UI prototypes in Sketch and helped with the front-end implementation in React. Lastly, I wrote the controller between the front and back-end.

Challenge: There were quite a lot of people involved between our team and stakeholders so finding a unified direction was a bit of a challenge. Also, it took some getting used to having engineers point out the ways my code could be greatly improved, but I learned so much because of it.

What I Learned: I learned React and Sketch for UI prototyping. I also learned a great deal about the secure software development cycle and the payments industry.

User Experience Developer Intern
Lenexa, KS  |  June 2016 - August 2016

Overview: One of the larger tasks I was assigned was implementing new designs for their tab control. I updated the existing design and created a minimal design option for developers on our platform. Then another project I was given was redesigning their home interface with the main addition being the ability to drag apps and widgets so the user could arrange them to their liking.

Challenge: Rapid prototyping was something I had to get used to. It didn't happen very often, but from time to time a feature I had been working on would be cut. I had to learn how to develop quickly so the team could decide if we were headed in the right direction.

What I Learned: I learned a great deal in this position. I learned how to properly document my code, write good Git commit messages, break down large problems, and prioritize work. I also became a better web developer as I learned more about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and how to debug web projects. Then I also learned several key concepts around intuitive design such as discoverability.

CodeU Mentorship Program
March 2015 - August 2015

Overview: CodeU is an exclusive development program where students are provided various resources and opportunities to strengthen their programming skills. Under the guidance of a Google mentor, I completed technical exercises to practice for technical interviews. Then I also learned Android development and presented a group app project at Google's Mountain View, CA campus.

Challenge: Collaboration was particularly challenging because my group had members in each time zone and each of us had full-time internships. GitHub was extremely helpful to our situation. In spite of difficulties, we were able to have a functioning app to present at the CodeU Summit on the Google Mountain View campus. We developed a video game information app that made us of GiantBomb's free API.

What I Learned: While the project felt somewhat like a failure because we didn't have a fully functional app, the amount I learned developing the app made it feel like a success. From our final project alone, I learned about Android, SQL, and RESTful web services. CodeU combined with my internship made for a full, but really fun summer. I don't know if I've ever learned so much in such a short period of time.

R&D Software Engineer Intern
Lenexa, KS  |  June 2015 - August 2015

Overview: I worked on a team completely composed of interns. On the team, I handled most of the web application development. I developed dummy apps to test our service platform and a docs app which compiled all the documentation of all the apps on the platform.

Challenge: My biggest challenge was finally gaining an understanding of something, then needing to learn something else. I learned something new literally every day. It was an excellent and rewarding experience.

What I Learned: I learned a great deal about OSGi, how to use GitHub, unit and integration testing, agile development, JavaScript and much more. In particular, I enjoyed working with other developers on the same project which was a first for me.

CIS 200 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
Manhattan, KS  |  January 2015 - May 2015

Overview: CIS 200 (Programming Fundamentals) is a Java course which goes over the principles of algorithm design and their application to procedural programming. The course also includes an introduction to arrays, classes and objects.

Challenge: One of the challenges in this position was accommodating the student's different levels of understanding and methods of learning. One student may be much further along and need very little explanation while the student next to her may be using arrays for the first time and get a lot out of seeing how it works on pen and paper.

What I Learned: The rewarding part was how much I learned. When you need to know enough about a concept to explain it to someone seeing it for the time, your understanding of it increases greatly. Similar to CIS 115, it's likely I learned more being a UTA for the course than when I was a student.

To see my full work history, please view my LinkedIn profile.


Cofounder, Organizer
Kansas State University  |  August 2016 - Present

CoderDojo is a global network of free, volunteer-led programming clubs for young people. My team partnered with our college's chapter of ACM to bring CoderDojo here in Manhattan, KS. Last year, we hosted, on average, 12 students once a month in our department's computer labs. We recruited our peers to be volunteer mentors who would guide students as they explored their interests in computer science whether it be game development or web development or anything in between.

Director of Engineering A Dream, Webmaster, Historian
Kansas State University  |  August 2014 - May 2017

Back in 2014, I updated the design of our chapter's website. I continued to maintain the website and take pictures at our events. I'm in the process of creating a solution that will allow our chapter's Secretary to update the website without needing to touch the code.

Also, in the spring of 2017, I organized our annual Engineering A Dream event where middle school students come to our campus for a full day of engineering activities. I created the schedule, handled the logistics like buying supplies and reserving space, led a computer science activity where students learned to create an arcade game in Scratch, and handled the promotion for the event increasing our attendance 3x over the previous year.


  • Awarded a free trip to SXSW 2017 for raising the most funds with HBCU@SXSW

Trips & Conferences

  • NSBE National Conference (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • SHIELD Scholars Forum at Phillips 66 Headquarters (Houston, TX)
  • NSBE National Conference (Kansas City, MO)
  • Edgerley-Franklin Service-Learning Spring Break Trip (Kansas City, MO)
  • SXSW Interactive 2017 (Austin, TX)
  • SHIELD Scholars Forum at Phillips 66 Headquarters (Houston, TX)