Visa Summer Project

Javascript, HTML, CSS, React.js, Yarn, Grails-Maven, Node.js, Sketch

I interned with Visa in the summer of 2017. I worked on a team of interns to develop a tool that introduces new users to the key features of the modules within Business Center, a product that allows users to manage and configure payment processing services.

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Top 10

 View Code   Python, HTML, CSS, Flask, PostgreSQL

A social media web app where users can share their top 10 things for different categories. This was a group final project for CIS 526 Web Interface Design. I developed the back-end of the application and the user flow for creating lists.

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Text Editor

 View Code   Java, Eclipse

I worked with Sandia National Labs and Dr. Mitchel Neilsen, a professor at K-State. I developed a text editor which was used to run analysis on water control structures. The editor was developed in Java using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform with features like syntax highlighting and contextual hover text.

To Dooli

 View Code Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Knockout.js, Flask, PostgreSQL

In my time at K-State, I've realized I'm most productive up against a deadline. So I created this app which helps me to prioritize tasks by their deadline. It's a desktop web app (haven't gotten around to the mobile version) which connects to the RESTful web service found here.

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Lexmark Summer Project

Javascript, HTML, CSS, Handlebars.js, Less.js, Node.js, Require.js, Gulp.js, Grunt.js

During summer 2016, I was a User Experience Developer Intern at Lexmark Enterprise Software. Two of the larger projects I had the opportunity to work on were redesigning their tab controls and redesigning their home interface. To the right is an image of the new home interface.

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Neighborhood Map

 View Code  |   View Project   JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Knockout.js, Google Maps API, Zomato API

For this Udacity project, I was tasked with creating a single-page application featuring a map of some location. My application uses Google Maps API to display a map of different restaurants in Aggieville (Manhattan, KS). I also implemented a third-party API called Zomato using AJAX to provide additional information about each restaurant.

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Item Catalog

 View Code   Python, HTML, CSS, Flask, PostgreSQL, OAuth 2.0

In this Udacity project, I needed to develop an application that provides a list of items within a variety of categories and provides a user registration and authentication system. I called the application "Yo Check This Out!" Users are able to login using their Google accounts. Once logged in, they're able to post, edit, and delete their own recommended movies, TV shows, music, and more.

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Multi User Blog

 View Code |  View Project   Python, HTML, CSS, Google App Engine

For Udacity, I built a blog where users can sign in and post blog posts as well as 'Like' and 'Comment' on other posts made on the blog. I created an authentication system for users to be able to register and sign in and then create their own posts. The project is hosted on Google App Engine.

Multi User Blog project image

Tournament Results

 View Code   Python, PostgreSQL

In the Udacity course on databases, I developed the database schema for a Swiss tournament and wrote python code to interface with the PostgreSQL database. In a Swiss tournament, players are not eliminated when they lose a match, but are paired in each round with opponents having (approximately) the same win-loss record.

K-State NSBE Website

View Project   HTML, CSS

When I was elected webmaster of our NSBE chapter, I was eager to create a new website. The old website was hardly in use and incredibly outdated. I was concerned with developing a mobile-first, cleanly designed, and always updated website. Our members began to regularly visit it to view announcements and our events schedule.

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CodeU Project

 View Code   Java, SQLite, Android

For Google's CodeU Mentorship Program, I created an Android App with 2 other students. We used GiantBomb's free API to create an informative video game app. Unfortunately, the only feature we were able to complete displayed recently released games.

CodeU project image

Save Your Files!

 View Code   C#, Unity

Created at the K-State 48hr Game Jame (2015, Cyber Security theme). The gameplay was inspired by "Five Nights at Freddy's." It takes place on a computer desktop where the player is trying to move their files to safety before the computer virus takes over the system. Meanwhile the virus is causing all sorts of mischief across multiple applications which the player is having to deal with while also saving files during whatever free moments they have.

This Website

 View Code   HTML, CSS

In the summer of 2015, I completed Codeacademy's "Make a Website" course to learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. I used what I learned in that course to develop this website which used to be my personal website. For Udacity, I developed this web page (view code) which was meant to be a portfolio full of my projects. But after completing the course, I decided to go with a different design, which you are currently viewing.